A woman tries to break the chains of the past, against all odds.

"In The Middle Of The Night"
As what usually seems to be the case, the characters in my head begin to talk just as I'm dozing off and that is irritating when one is so very tired. It began with the mother/daughter scene, it was an intense conversation, the characters were crystal clear, if I didn't get out of bed and lay it out, then by morning I would be too foggy headed to remember it all. Middle of the night I'm writing away, now invigorated. Couldn't type fast enough. An hour or so later I had gotten this very rough draft down and went to bed. Next day, I reread the beginnings of, "Sparrow" the story, these people, shook me to the core and I knew then, that this little story had to be developed into a film.

BTW: This is not autobiographical, well, mostly it's not. It also may help to understand that my research was developed as a direct result working as a volunteer Chaplin at Lew Sterritt county jail in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Observer Review SPARROW

"Local actress and director, Dixie Lee Sedgwick stars in and directs Sparrow, a reality ridden drama that takes place in a Dallas recovery center and evaluates self-worth, reunions and reconciliation. The seasoned actress invigorates the film with her soulful eyes and raw, authentic performance."